Ten Decorating Tips for Your Next Design Project

Posted on June 30, 2011 by: Guest Blogger

Redecorating is always exciting. But sometimes it can be difficult to unite your desire for change, new trends, and personal tastes with your must-keep décor elements, such as family heirlooms, carpet, a favorite piece of furniture, or existing artwork.

To assist you in choosing colors for your next decorating project, Exciting Windows! and Exciting Colors! offer these ten tips. One of which is certain to suit your personality or style!

1. STORY: Choose a color story and keep it going for all your rooms if they are open and connected.

2. LOWER: Paint your high ceiling a warm, darker color to visually lower the height, creating an intimate room and synergy with the furnishings.

3. MIX: A new trend in décor is mixing and matching materials and patterns, but keeping all within the same color families.

4. ART: If you have a piece of art that you love, but don’t know how to decorate around it, choose your two or three favorite colors and use them in variations throughout the room.

5. CRISP: If you prefer a crisp neutral palette in your space, keep your furnishings and wall neutral and introduce small touches of color in your décor accessories.

6. COLOR: Warm colors are more active and advancing, while cool colors are receding and restful, so depending on the size of your space may determine which color palette you choose.

7. COOL: If you have a long or intricate room, paint the long or irregular walls a cool color and the narrow walls a warm color; the room will appear more balanced and less awkward.

8. TONE: Tone-on-tone coloring or layering is a decorative technique that takes a single or a few colors and uses different saturation of that color(s) throughout the space.

9. PILLOWS: In a living room, use one color for the walls, and then lighten the same color in throw pillows, accent rugs, and adjacent spaces.

10. COMPARE: Compare paint chips to your fabrics and flooring to determine what colors are best for your space.

You can find out more information about Window Fashion, Color Selection and Decorating Ideas on Kriss Hook’s Interactive Idea Studio Website at http://excitingwindows.com/krisshook